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Alesis DM10X Kit -7%
The Alesis DM10 X Kit is a premium, six-piece, professional electronic drum set that delivers ser..
Rs.135,000.0 Rs.126,000.0
Ex Tax: Rs.126,000.0
Alesis sampling pad pro -3%
Alesis SamplePad Pro Electronic Percussion Instrument Features: A versatile electronic in..
Rs.29,000.0 Rs.28,000.0
Ex Tax: Rs.28,000.0
Behringer Digital Monitor System MS20 Features: 2-way active studio monitors ideally suit..
Rs.21,600.0 Rs.19,440.0
Ex Tax: Rs.19,440.0
Behringer XM1800S -2%
The Behringer Ultravoice XM1800S is a set of three dynamic super-cardioid vocal and instrument mi..
Rs.6,746.0 Rs.6,600.0
Ex Tax: Rs.6,600.0
Speaker and monitor stand with telescopic tube structure: steel external tube diam. 40 x 1,2 mm a..
Rs.3,900.0 Rs.3,590.0
Ex Tax: Rs.3,590.0
Beyerdynamic DTX 910 headphones -5%
Detailed and Open Sound The DTX 910 provides sound that is of the highest levels of qua..
Rs.4,725.0 Rs.4,480.0
Ex Tax: Rs.4,480.0
Rs.4,390.0 Rs.4,200.0
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200.0
Beyerdynamic TGV 35 mic -4%
Dynamic microphone (supercardioid) for vocals, with On/Off switch   The reliable and..
Rs.4,390.0 Rs.4,200.0
Ex Tax: Rs.4,200.0
I Ball Soundstick Speaker BT5 -5%
Amazing and Pure Sound Portable Multifunction Speaker Enjoy Music Anytime and Anywhere ..
Rs.1,675.0 Rs.1,590.0
Ex Tax: Rs.1,590.0
Kovil Minsara Melam 12inch -10%
We supply temple electric drums with bells used in Hindu temples worldwide. It comes with drums w..
Rs.9,000.0 Rs.8,100.0
Ex Tax: Rs.8,100.0
Kustom Sound FX15 -12%
Kustom Sound FX15 Amplispeaker. BAJAAO India introduces the Kustom FX15,India's first indegen..
Rs.3,650.0 Rs.3,200.0
Ex Tax: Rs.3,200.0
M-Audio BX6 Carbon Single Speaker Compact Studio Monitors for Music Production and Mixing -9%
Authentic, flat frequency response ideal for home studios 6" woven Kevlar low-frequency..
Rs.21,500.0 Rs.19,500.0
Ex Tax: Rs.19,500.0
M-Audio Nova Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone -10%
MAudio Nova Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Entry-level cardioid condenser microphon..
Rs.9,000.0 Rs.8,100.0
Ex Tax: Rs.8,100.0
M.Hohners Puck -5%
Hohner harmonicas/mouthorgans are of the highest quality and combine excellent response with grea..
Rs.475.0 Rs.449.0
Ex Tax: Rs.449.0
Mapex Drum Set Tornado 5 Pcs (black) -5%
Mapex Drum Set Tornado 5 Pcs w/Hardware Throne & Cymbals TNM5254TCUDK The Mapex Tornado D..
Rs.35,750.0 Rs.33,990.0
Ex Tax: Rs.33,990.0