Radel Swaravali (Self Tutor) ZX

Radel Swaravali (Self Tutor) ZX
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Swaraavali, a 3-in-1 instrument, is Radel’s unique to the music community, especially for teachers.This unique teaching aid plays by itself all the beginners’ exercises in music: Sarali varise, Janti varise and all the alankarams prescribed for a beginner.
These can be  played at any pitch of the user’s choice, at any tempo. These exercises can also be played at three speeds. 4 choices of tones are provided. Facility to change the raga is provided.
Memory facility is provided. A built-in basic version of the Talometer and sruti box are also provided. It can be used on any voltage from 90 to 260 V AC without changing a selector switch / on batteries. 
The instrument can be used either as a swara-exercise trainer or as a sruti box or  as a talometer. Thus the student has a guide to the lesson learnt, so that it can be practised perfectly.
This product is a boon for the guru. The teacher need not strain his / her voice by singing at various pitch settings. The parent who is not fully familiar with the intricacies of classical music also has a handy reference in this exciting new product.
This product has the standard Radel features:
  • Universal voltage (use on any voltage between 90 and 260 V AC without changing a voltage selector switch)
  • Automatic switch-over to battery on power failure
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