Swar Sudha

Swar Sudha
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Genuine Shruti Tone
Swar Sudha electronic Shruti box comes with a drone that is as realistic as the original Shruti box tone itself. 

ABS Plastic Case
The new look Swar Sudha Shruti box is made from ABS plastic which gives it a sleeker look and protects it from the peninsular climatic wear & tear.

Large & accurate pitch range
The pitch range of Swar Sudha electronic Shruti box covers an entire octave with immense precision.

Auto Memory
The memory function of Shruti box Swar Sudha helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of fine tuning)

Harmonium like display
Swar Sudha electronic Shruti Box comes with a display that represents the keyboard of the Harmonium to specially aid novices in setting the swar without any hassle at all.

Accurate Pancham & Madhyam

The user only needs to select the main SA and the Swar Sudha Shruti Box itself will tune accurately to Pancham (PA) or Madhyam (MA).

Battery operations
The inbuilt battery compartment of the Swar Sudha electronic Shruti box becomes operational with 8 pencil cells (AA) for duration in excess of 13 hours.

Super compact size & light weight
Electronic Shruti box Swar Sudha in its new look is a very compact & light in weight less than 1 kg, but at the same time is extremely durable.

Reference instrument
Today most Piano & Harmonium manufactures are using the Swar Sudha Tuner as their reference instrument to tune their musical instrument.

Dual power mode
Swar Sudha electronic Shruti box comes with a both 220V & 110V power input selection for a universal market.

Preferred tuner
In the recent past Swar Sudha electronic tuner has emerged as the preferred tuner for artists to tune their musical instruments like the Veena, Violin, Sitar, Harmonium, Guitar etc.

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