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Mirudhangam 22 " Special

Mirudhangam 22 " Special
Mirudhangam 22 " Special
Mirudhangam is a classical drum of South India and it is used as an accompaniment for Vocal, Instrumental and Dance performances. Mirudhangam is a double-sided drum made up of a hollow piece of jackfruit wood about an inch of thickness. The two mouths or apertures of the mirudhangam are covered with a goat skin leather and laced to each other with leather straps around the circumference of drum.
These straps are put into a state of high tension to stretch out the circular membranes on either side of the hull, allowing them to resonate when struck. These two membranes are dissimilar in width to allow for the production of both bass and treble sounds from the same drum. Mridangams are available in three standard sizes as 18” , 22” and 24” 18” Mirudhangams are called as Sthayi Mirudhangams Good for tuning 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6 scales Sthayi Mirudhangams are used as an accompaniment for female and children vocalists.

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