Manual shruti box

Manual shruti box
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The best Shruti Boxes on the Planet! 

Shruti boxes provide a rich drone background that supports singing or playing almost any instrument. A shruti box is hand-pumped, so you can produce a slightly pulsating constant chord to support the right rhythm for the style of music you are playing.

Both are constructed in India, with their strict specifications. The craftsmanship on both of these instruments are of the highest quality. The reeds on both are made by some of India's leading manufacturers.

The dimensions of the German shruti model are 11 3/4"L x 9"H x 1 3/4"W Wt. 4 Lbs. A padded bag with handles and a shoulder strap is included.

These instruments are chromatic with a full octave of notes (13 notes), tuned to the western classical instrument standards (A=440Hz).

Shruti boxes are available in 3 models: C to C, a lower G to G, or the lowest F to F in chromatic half steps.

NoteThe labels shown in the photos (C C# D Eb ...) do not come standard with our Shruti Boxes, but are available on request.

Our latest Shruti Box discovery is the beautiful Model M1 designed by musician/composer Stefan Cartwright of the UK. The sounds emanating from this box are of the highest quality. Available in full octave chromatic scales of C-C. Bb-Bb and G-G.



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