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shruthi box

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About NAGMA Digital Electronic Lehra - HA Model - 2013 Edition The new & improved Nagma ..
Rs.4,500.0 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500.0
The Sunadamala Zx is an advanced digital lehra that is a boon to all tabla artists and students a..
Rs.4,999.0 Ex Tax: Rs.4,999.0
The Taal Tarang Tabla is equipped with the natural tone of a Tabla, Pakhawaj, Duff & Dholak. ..
Rs.6,400.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,400.0
Rs.6,900.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,900.0
Instrument and Accessories:   Following are the accessories that are accompanied on ..
Rs.6,300.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,300.0
Top Selling Electronic Tanpura Raagini Digital is the top selling electronic Tanpura box today ..
Rs.6,400.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,400.0
25-note semi-weighted keyboard controller with Native Instruments KOMPLETE Elements software. ..
Rs.3,000.0 Ex Tax: Rs.3,000.0
The Radel Milan is the first of its kind unique 2-in-1 Digital Tabla-Tanpura. The Milan is a soph..
Rs.8,100.0 Ex Tax: Rs.8,100.0
The Radel Mini Miraj digital tanpura is a compact version of the Miraj Plus tanpura. Palm-sized: ..
Rs.5,150.0 Ex Tax: Rs.5,150.0
The Saarang Maestro Dx is the best-selling twin digital tambura (tanpura), with superb natural ta..
Rs.6,200.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,200.0
The NEW Saarang Magic Plus is the smallest of the tanpura range. Palm-sized: 115 x 130 x 80 mm, w..
Rs.4,800.0 Ex Tax: Rs.4,800.0
It is the ideal choice as an entry-level tambura for students, and very useful for teachers ..
Rs.4,250.0 Ex Tax: Rs.4,250.0
The Saarang Miraj Tanpura, also a type of digital tanpura has a stunningly natural sampled tanpur..
Rs.6,500.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,500.0
The Saarang Ranjani+5 is a Hi-fidelity natural tanpura with the superior tonal quality achieved w..
Rs.6,100.0 Ex Tax: Rs.6,100.0
This is an artistic digital tanpura with an exquisitely crafted cabinet. It has beautiful natural..
Rs.9,800.0 Ex Tax: Rs.9,800.0