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shruthi box

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Mridangam Talam
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Instrument and Accessories: Following are the accessories that are accompanied on buying each Mridanga Talam Digital Compact, Electronic Mridangam & Manjira:-    1. Mridanga Talam Digital Compact Electronic Musical Instrument    2. Carry Bag    3..
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Nagma Lehera Tabla
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About NAGMA Digital Electronic Lehra - HA Model - 2013 EditionThe new & improved Nagma comes with an ABS plastic body fitted with a SMPS. Also comes with universal power supply from 90V AC to 250V AC. This electronic Indian musical instrument is capable of producing 194 tunes in 20 taals. It com..
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Top Selling Electronic TanpuraRaagini Digital is the top selling electronic Tanpura box today without any serious contenders.Original Tanpura ToneRaagini Digital is the only electronic Tanpura machine at delivers such high quality original Tanpura sound using the latest cutting edge technology.Accur..
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25-note semi-weighted keyboard controller with Native Instruments KOMPLETE Elements software.Samson's Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller gives you all the performance and production control you need to get the most out of your music software. Combining an intuitive 25-key semi-weighted keyboard with a ..
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The Radel Milan is the first of its kind unique 2-in-1 Digital Tabla-Tanpura. The Milan is a sophisticated digital musical instrument for providing sur (pitch) and laya (rhythm) accompaniment to performers of Indian music. It incorporates state of the art technology to produce natural and realistic ..
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The Radel Mini Miraj digital tanpura is a compact version of the Miraj Plus tanpura. Palm-sized: 115 x 130 x 80 mm, with a weight of approximately 0.5kg, it is light and handy.It has the same amazing sound, so close to a traditional tanpura, that professional Indian classical musicians and teachers ..
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The Saarang Maestro Dx is the best-selling twin digital tambura (tanpura), with superb natural tanpura sound, using cutting-edge sampler technology. It has stereo output, and can be used as single or dual tanpura, 4 or 5 string, with automatic tuning of 4 notes and manual tuning of 5th note, Pluck s..
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The NEW Saarang Magic Plus is the smallest of the tanpura range. Palm-sized: 115 x 130 x 80 mm, with a weight of approximately 0.5kg it is light and handy. It has Natural Tanpura sound, using the latest sampler technology and produces a clear sound with amazing volume without distortion even at high..
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It is the ideal choice as an entry-level tambura for students, and very useful for teachersAttractive ABS cabinetPitch range A(Low) to D(High).Fine Tuning with Auto Memory.Pluck softness adjustableHigher volume output, clearer soundPlus the standard 3-year warranty and assured service supp..
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The Saarang Miraj Tanpura, also a type of digital tanpura has a stunningly natural sampled tanpura sound. It comes with Accurate pitch-pipe with digital display and facility to fine-tune all notes; selection of PA/MA/NI /OFF.  The Saarang Miraj has a digital display and is housed in a slee..
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The Saarang Ranjani+5 is a Hi-fidelity natural tanpura with the superior tonal quality achieved with the latest cutting-edge technology. The NEW Saarang Ranjani +5 digital tanpura is a 5 string digital tanpura with crystal clear sound, 2 speakers for enhanced bass-treble effect, easy touch buttons f..
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